About Me




I am not opposed to dropping an F-bomb when fucking appropriate.


TV. So. much. tv.

Welcome to the obligatory ‘About Me’ page.

I hate writing these pages, I’ll be honest. And I’m a writer professionally. I know. You can’t even tell. No joke. People pay me to string words together. Like real money. This isn’t a Monopoly money situation.

I’ll answer the most obvious question first: Why did I choose ‘What a Lazy Idiot’ for a health blog name? Umm I don’t know.

We’re off to a great start!

Here’s the real story. I wanted to try using MyFitnessPal for a 21-day challenge, just to see if anything changed if I logged all my food every day for 21 days. I forgot all my old usernames on there, so I decided to create a new email and brand new account and start fresh. But I didn’t want some stupid, generic name. I wanted something fun and stupid. Something that represented my real personality. Which also happens to be fun and stupid.

I also didn’t want something that would define my goals or what I wanted to do, but then would never succeed. So if I start at the very bottom and just call myself a lazy idiot, then the bar is set as low as possible and anything I do will be a success. What a way to live.

So What a Lazy Idiot was born. It wasn’t until about 2 weeks later I decided to start a blog, and figured.. why the hell not. Name works. Going to use it.


My name is Jenn, I think I’m in my 30s.

I am half-assedly raising 2 dogs who are as stupid and ‘quirky’ (the word people use to say you’re weird), just like me. Like literally, one of my dogs peed on the other one. More than once. This is what I live with.

I have 2 dogs I am completely obsessed with.

I work about one million hours a day.

I never exaggerate.

I have anxiety and severe panic attack disorder. I talk about it often. Because.. mental illness.

I am a freelance writer and internet marketer by day. And night. And weekends. And holidays.

I spend 95% of my life in sweatpants.

I failed math.