Dogsitting Adventures – Day 3


Dogsitting is over and now we reflect on day 3. I got a ton of pictures, so get ready for the craziest day yet.

First I woke up and worked. And forgot to take a picture.

Then, the dogs ran outside and were all playful and cute. And I forgot to take a picture.

I forgot to take a picture when they were laying on the couch being adorable as shit.

But then we went out to the sunroom and I remembered.. oh, my camera. Tula posed for me.


Panda could care less, since it was treat time.


Buddy was neutral about the whole thing and Missy was there, but guess what? I forgot to take a picture.

Now that I am back home, we can look back on my dogsitting adventures (day one | day two) and see how many lessons I learned.

1. My resolution of taking more pictures is clearly going very well.

2. I’m great at documenting the most exciting parts of my day.

3. I do almost nothing.