Dogsitting Adventures – Day 3


Dogsitting is over and now we reflect on day 3. I got a ton of pictures, so get ready for the craziest day yet.

First I woke up and worked. And forgot to take a picture.

Then, the dogs ran outside and were all playful and cute. And I forgot to take a picture.

I forgot to take a picture when they were laying on the couch being adorable as shit.

But then we went out to the sunroom and I remembered.. oh, my camera. Tula posed for me.


Panda could care less, since it was treat time.


Buddy was neutral about the whole thing and Missy was there, but guess what? I forgot to take a picture.

Now that I am back home, we can look back on my dogsitting adventures (day one | day two) and see how many lessons I learned.

1. My resolution of taking more pictures is clearly going very well.

2. I’m great at documenting the most exciting parts of my day.

3. I do almost nothing.


I Have to Google How to Make Hardboiled Eggs


I wish I were joking.

Every time I have the urge to make hard-boiled eggs, I Google how to do it. It’s not because I’m so terrible in the kitchen, I can’t boil water (this is up for debate), but because there are so many ways to do it, I get confused about which way works best for me.

The first time I ever made hard-boiled eggs, they came out soft-boiled. And while this is fine, it’s not when you’re at work and attempting to crack open a hard-boiled egg, only to have thick yolk spill in your lap.

The next time, I didn’t want to make the same mistake, but I completely over-cooked them and my house smelled like egg for a week.

So I Google it. Did you know there are dozens of ways to make hard-boiled eggs? First of all – maybe baking them works for you, but it was a major kitch-astrophe for me.

Some people add salt to the water, some people don’t. Some people time them perfectly, others just let them boil for a while. Some leave them in the water after the 10 minutes, while others rinse them right away.

The stupidest way is brought to you by my sister, who would hate that I am telling you this. She boils the water first, then puts the eggs in there and boils them for like an hour. I don’t understand. 

As I’m writing this, I honestly have no idea which way is best, or how I did it the last time. I *think* I covered the eggs in water, boiled them for 10 minutes, then turned the water off and let them sit in there for a while. Does that sound right?

So yes, I Google how to make hard-boiled eggs. Every. Time.


Dogsitting Adventures – Day 2


.. and the laying around continues. Day 2 of dogsitting was good. I acted like an adult by making a real breakfast and going outside. WHAT. I know, crazy.

I woke up and made a real breakfast. Like in a pan. I was going to make scrambled eggs, but then I found this omelette egg flipper thingy in my mom’s cupboard, so I decided to try it out. I will now be stealing it for myself.


Look how good and not runny that omelette looks? Also, I ate fruit. Not the kind from a can.


Then I brought Zoe back home midday while running some errands, and Buddy thanked me immensely. She has a thing for him and refuses to take the hint that he just barely puts up with her. I came back to this excited face when I returned without her.


These little monsters then proceeded to force me into going outside. So I brought my work out there.


I procrastinated for a solid 20 minutes taking pictures of random plants.


Then I did actual work.


Buddy kept coming over and sitting by me, looking at my computer. Making sure I stay motivated.


Tula isn’t as motivating.


Neither is Panda.


Missy was nowhere to be found, while Panda and Tula played a fun game of, “Hi. What are you doing? Play? Get up. Let me up. Pick me up. Hi. Hello. Hi. Jenn. Jenn. Jenn. Hi. What are you doing?”


Nap time!


JENN. Look. Look at us.


We’re tired. Stop working.


That about sums up day 2. It was exhausting. I need a nap.


Dogsitting Adventures – Day 1


This isn’t the first time I have housesat (this seems like not a word) and watched my parent’s 4 dogs, but it’s the first time I have documented it. As you can see, it’s super adventurous and every minute something new happens. For example, Tula, her toy poodle, was sitting on the far right side of the sectional, and now she is sitting on my left. It’s like you never know what is going to happen next.


I have already learned so much since being here, and it’s only the first day. I’m still afraid of the dark, commercials rarely advertise products anymore, and Internet puns have become a virus that has infected television.

Aside from that, I’m getting a lot of work done since I don’t hear garbage trucks, assholes on the loudest motorcycles known to man, and children screaming bloody murder, like I do at home.

Here are some highlights from Day 1 of Dogsitting:

My mom has a bunch of leftover desserts from Christmas and New Years that she needs gone before she gets back. Challenge accepted.


I brought the dogs inside almost immediately after my parents left. We all took a nap on the couch.


Me and Panda had some bonding time.


Tula moved from the couch to the ground.


Buddy was there.


I tried the Pecan pie.


And the cheesecake.


Then I worked and finished off the cheesecake.


Missy and Tula cuddled more.


I brought Zoe (one of my dogs, Tula’s baby and from Missy and Panda’s litter) over. She photobombed her own picture.


And wait for it.. this time it was Zoe and Tula sleeping. This shit is crazy.


We decided to take a break from napping and go outside.


Then I actually did work for 4 hours and slept on a couch with 4 dogs. It’s about as amazing as it sounds. I know you’re on the edge of your seat wondering what day 2 is like.. but you have to wait until tomorrow. There are eggs.


My Brain is Making Me Fat | Surviving Cravings


I didn’t want this to be my first blog post here. I wanted to do the obligatory “Who Am I” nonsense that everyone else likes to do. Introduce you to who I am, why I started this blog, and what it’s for. Blah blah. You get it.

But today wasn’t like every other day, except in a way it was. Great. Start.

My health journey so far has been a constant battle between my subconscious and my other subconscious. Yes, I do believe I have two. No, I know nothing about biology.

My first subconscious, Subconscious Chick, is the smart, sensible one. She is realistic, understands what I need to do to be healthy, and totally gets that I have major emotional eating tendencies. She gets shit done.

My second subconscious, Subconscious Dude, is a huge pain in the ass. He makes excuses, sabotages me, and basically just wants me to fail in every possible way. What. A. Jerk.

Today was one of those days where my emotions kind of take over, Subconscious Dude comes in, and suddenly all I want to do is eat junk food. I had allll the excuses too.



I have a toothache, so I can only eat soft food, so ice cream and mashed potatoes is all I can have. Mine as well just have another cheat day.

Oh, I’m not feeling well. It’s from all the veggies. My stomach doesn’t like them. I never got sick off sugary cereal and fried food (LIES).

IT’S NOT FAIR. I want to eat what I want! This is stupid. I’m the same person if I’m fat. I like myself this way. (ANOTHER LIE)

I convinced myself I needed to eat what I wanted today (even though I had a cheat day yesterday). I convinced myself it was the right thing to do. I convinced myself that no way could I concentrate on work unless I ate sugar and bread and sugar and a little more sugar. I went so far as to check Door Dash for what could be delivered to me. In the process of this, I discovered I was forcing myself to find something that ‘was worth it’.

That is how my cheats are while on Keto. If I am being knocked out of ketosis, it has to be worth it. It has to be like my favorite thing in the world. When I couldn’t find something, I discovered I wasn’t even having a craving. And I couldn’t remember why I wanted to do it. Beautiful, sensible Subconscious Chick took over and reminded me that this was just emotional eating.

I drank more water, stuck it out for an hour, then made fried eggs and avocado for brunch. The moral of the story? Sometimes your mind is playing tricks on you. Sometimes all you need is a little clarity. Don’t ignore the mental or physical signs that you’re making the wrong decision. This could have easily turned into another day where I spend $50 on having junk food delivered, only to feel like shit 5 minutes later out of guilt and because the food never makes me feel better physically.

Did I make it through the day staying on Keto and without any oopsies? Yes.

Do I still really wish I ate donuts? Yes.

Welcome to my blog. It’s a real shit-show.